Our Vision

What Castaway Ministries will provide

  1. A totally Christian environment free from drugs, tobacco, alcohol, & pornography.
  2. A private bedroom in a dwelling with multiple capacity (future), dorm setting presently.
  3. Free rent for 30 day introductory period depending on each individual.
  4. Help restore legal documents, i.e, driver's license, birth certificate, s.s. card, etc.
  5. Help with interviews, resumes, and job placement appropriate with skills.
  6. Improve job skills for better paying jobs.
  7. Transportation to probation office, jobs, store, gov't. buildings, etc.
  8. Nightly classes dealing with pertinent issues such as anger anhialation, family focus, axing addictions, financial freedom, joy on the job, conscious coping, etc.
  9. Dual signature banking accounts to control and budget finances.

What you will provide for Castaway Ministries

  1. Random drug testing.
  2. Abide by all the rules and regulations, (see rules & regulations section).
  3. Treat staff personnel and residents with respect at all times.
  4. Be a team player always ready to lend a hand in every situation.
  5. Honesty and courtesy to yourself and others.
  6. Be gainfully employed after completion of the 30 day introductory period.
  7. Pay rent to the ministry, $100.00 weekly, for housing after introductory period.
  8. Pay $25.00 weekly to the ministry for transportation after introductory period.
  9. Have a Christ like attitude with a do more than is required mentality.
  10. Seek to serve rather than to be served.
  11. Complete daily chores as assigned in a safe and cooperative fashion.